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I have gotten a lot of calls,text's and emails about the hunt. Seems everyone wants to know how the hunt went.

Michael Harris brought the you man over for the hunt this past Saturday.
We got him sat up for the hunt in a shooting house with Paul Hendrix, at the property about 5:45 pm and they sat until about 8:30 pm.
They did not see any hogs,but the young hunter did see does and a couple small bucks.
When they returned to us after the hunt I asked him how things went, with a big smile he said "We did not see any hogs but we seen deer and a couple of them where bucks, we did how ever hear squealing from hog off in the distance. Even though we did not kill a hog I had a great time. Thank you"

I wish every one could experience a hunt with these young hunters, they are so grateful for the time and experience.

Michael Harris is going to bring him back along with another young hunter next weekend, so hopefully some thing will hit the ground.

To Michael Harris Mike Moore and all at Seasons of Hope you guys are number one in not just my book, but all the young people you help and all that know of your generosity. Thanks guys
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