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I got one, it was my first yak had it for about 4 years now. At the time I only wanted one for yakking shark baits out and a friend of mine had it collecting dust in a garage full of junk and just let me have it. I got the bug and soon started fishing out of it. It was good enough on glass slick nights in the backbay, but...let's just say I tried fishing the gulf in it while I was too green to know better and had my own little horror story to tell afterwards. It was all due to my own stupidity and inexperience but point is it's not stable enough to do any real working out of! That thing will roll over like a fat lady reachin for another jelly donut...I spent a neverending four hours in the water that says so. :wallbash: For what its made for its a blast though. Like somebody else said, the thing is a ton of fun to surf in. Other than a bait yakker or for the kids to play in it aint good for much else! JMHO!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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