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66 Gallon Hot Water Heater

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This hot water heater is only 1 1/2 years old. (I was able to snag a deal on a hybrid, so I'm upgrading along with some other appliances.)

Heater is AOSmith model ECT 66 210.

I found new ones online for ~$650. I'll offer this one up for $450 OBO.

It will be available in a couple of weeks after my new heater arrives.

PM me for questions/contact info.


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Bump. $350. Also available will be a Kenmore washer & dryer.
Dang, deckhand. There you go derailing one of my threads again. That was some mighty good smoked mullet you gave me, but if we made a trade like that, it would only get you in a lot of hot water (66 gallons), and I know you stay in a lot of hot water as it is!
Bump for some hot water. My new appliances get delivered this week.
Bump. New heater is here. Don't need the old one taking up garage space!
Btt. Who needs a hot water heater?
Bump. Never heard from you Grey Ghost.
Anyone need an almost new electric hot water heater? Planning to install the new unit tomorrow.
Washer & dryer are sold. Hot water heater available.
Bump. Hot water heater is fully available. Make an offer. Don't need it to be garage decor for long.
1 - 14 of 17 Posts
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