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Got there a little 630am...because when my alarm went off at 4am, I missed the snooze button and hit the " shut da hell up" button. I think a couple of kings had already been hit. Caught a live LY and tossed it...and watched a king hit a set rod drifting a cig. Drag was tight on the guys reel so when the king hit the end of the slack, he spit out what was left of the bait....then a couple of spanish were caught, all nice fish. Mine was hooked on the wrong end, but still put him on the deck. I wound up a while later getting a nice little king, around 10-12 pounds that a friend of mine folded, spindled and mutilated to get into his ice chest. Yesterday they caught about 10 kings .

Today there were hard tails, ladyfish, a few kings and spanish, a few bo-bos and saw some bluefish.

Bait was LYs and a handful of cigs.
Gonna check the weather and see if I am going to try again tomorrow.
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