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We could take the whole PPF crew out in this one. Gotta go buy some lottery tickets:banghead

This is the all new 52 Navigator Its made in the UAE Dubai by Almazrooei Craft they have been in the boat business since 1994. This boat is one of 7 models they have, and one of the largest boats the do. i personally been in it 4 times fishing and diving just off the palm islands in Dubai and it was Great! 5 foot waves no problems its a great boat and its worth it. Almazrooei craft backs up a 2 year guarantee on the boat. and about the engines customers have a choice. inboard or outboard Volvo penta is recommended for inboard. This is and Action to List your name on a Job card that was canceled and this boat will be ready in june 2008 for more information e mail me: [email protected] or call me 011-971-50-6520888 thank you

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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