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5.jpg Had the opportunity to take my middle son and his best friend out to the surf on Saturday! It was pretty cold and extremely windy but we were optimistic that we would be blessed with some action! Arrived at the beach around 0615 and fishing shortly after. Caught a little stingray around 0730 and continued to wait for the bite to happen. Around 1000 the one of my poles started bending strong and line was wripping off!! Landed the Black Drum and they kiddos were extremely excited and now Dad is a rockstar in their eyes! LOL Next the boys each landed a whiting and then finally a 15 in Pomp! That was the fish that I have been trying to target all year and we finally got a keeper. All fish were caught on fresh peeled shrimp. The boys and I cant wait to get back out there and enjoy some more action.
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