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<span id="ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl01_lblFullMessage">Went
out to the pass/ bridge on Sat. What a beautiful day to be on the
water!!! After no luck in the pass,we decided to park it at the bridge.
Within 15 seconds of the first live shrimp hittin' the bottom,BAM!!!!
Monster sheephead was on!! The current was giving us a hard time,but
when we kept it straight beneath us,we were gettin all kinds of action.
After gettin broke off a few times,I managed another stud sheepie,about
the same size as the one in the pic. Then we were fortunate enough
to have had a nice redfish join the par-tay. If you know the bridge,you
can tell where we were sittin.....So go out and get you some. All
fish were released to fight again another day!!!

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