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Went out to 3MB again thurs night. Paid the five bones, launched around 8pm.

Conditions were nice, partly cloudy, a bright moon,a little chilly but with hardly any wind and the water was glassy.

Anchored off of the #85-87 pilings and fished the lights. Three dozen shrimp were voraciously inhaled by White Trout, which seemed to be everywhere. Fished shrimp on 1/4oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz carolina rigs, everything worked. I switched to some DOA's to see if there would be a difference. Electric / NuclearChicken was like trout candy. Literally every cast for fifteen minutes brought trout in. We prob caught 50-65 in an hour and a half and kept 10 big ones for a family at my work.

I also tried dropping some big trout chunks and some smaller live ones down, hoping for a bull or a shark. Nada.

Flipper showed up around 10, and with nothing else going on we drove out to the beach running some seafoam through the motor. Nice night.
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