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First off sorry no pics.

Launched the boat at 1:58pm noticed a stiff current with the incoming tide. We made the short run to between #75-#79 pilings.

Had four dozen big shrimps from outcast just flippin to get back in the water.

Fished two outfits off a 1/2 oz jig head in chartreuse and orange. Also set up a Carolina Rig and a two hook bridge set up. All outfits caught fish.

Ended up with 2 of the biggest croakers we'd ever seen and four white trout, two of which went 19 inches. We were out there for about 2 1/2 hours just havin a good time.

The weather was weird. Man that Fog was thick. By the time that we came back in my hair was wet and I needed to swap shirts.

So tonight its fish fingers and shrimp for me, my lil buddy, and my wife. Good times.
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