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Fishing bridge fees to be set in March

Posted 2/19/2010 5:40 PM EST on by Jamie Page

Fees are expected to be set in mid-March for the new Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge.

Until then, use of the $11 million fishing bridge is free.

A list of fees was proposed to Escambia County commissioners Thursday. But it was determined that the fees needed to be increased slightly to pay for the estimated $10,000 to $15,000 cost of fixing the damaged concession building at Wayside Park, owned by the City of Pensacola.

The fees initially proposed were:

- Per fisher: $2 daily, $70 annual.

- Per vehicle, $1 daily, $35 annual.

- Senior (62+): $1 daily, $35 annual.

- Children (15-): Free.

- Non-fishing pedestrians: Free.

Keith Wilkins, deputy chief of Neighborhood and Community Services for Escambia County, who proposed the fees, plans to present revised increased fees to commissioners at the March 4 meeting.

A volunteer is manning the pier and he might even ask you to participate in a survey, asking things like where you are from and what kind of fish you are catching.

Meanwhile, the county will be trying to negotiate an agreement for the use of the city?s connected park and concession facilities, and hire a concessionaire to operate the fishing facilities.
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