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Headed out on my neighbors boat (panhandlephinsphan) about 7pm. We tried trolling from the 3 mile bridge to the pass without any luck. Water started to get pretty rough so we headed back to the 3 mile bridge. Water wasnt any better, but we decided to tough it out.

A pretty strong incoming tide with a decent out going wind. We were on the rubble side of the bridge on the pensacola side.

We hooked up with a ladyfish or white trout on practically every cast. It was kind of fun actually. After several of these I got a nice fight from a 29 inch red. My neighbor followed that up with a upper slot red. I was using white gulp, red jig. He started with a dark jig/shad and caught the red on a gold spoon.

We got a big bite on a pinfish dropped to the bottom. However, the line broke after being rubbed in the rubble. Everything live I dropped to the bottom kept getting tangled up. Kind of frustrating.

Headed in about midnight, I was actually starting to get a little queezy.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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