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2x Tilos Titanium wet suit, 3/2

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Bought it in Hawaii in 2003, dove in it 2 times, (first Nitrox dives!) then gotthe flu and missed a bunch of dives...blah blah blah.

Fast forward 4 years, go to put the thing on, and it seems something doesn't fit anymore. Maybe the suit shrank...yeah thats it.:doh (warning for the sarcasm impaired..the suit did NOT shrink!)

Anyway, I have held on to it for no reason, so here I offer it for $50. In like new shape, no wear or tear anywhere.

I can produce pics as requested.


Oh yeah...first post!:moon

edited to add...will also trade for a decent practice amp for my sons guitar ambitions, or a rod-reel combo for the other sons fishing ambitions!

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