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29/30g Aquarium with all accessories for sale

This includes the tank, cover with lights, filter, heater, gravel, artificial plants (1-10)and all this sits on a wooden

stand/cabinet. Tanks sits perfectly on it, it is an aquarium stand. This is the same set-up that is sold at WAL-MART

for $100, not including a stand. This set-up will allow you to take it home, put water in it along with de-clorinater, and

put fish in it within days. Would be a great addition to any room, and could be set up fresh or salt water. I know,

I know, PICS, PICS, PICS... will get some up ASAP. If you are interested, or have anymore questions, please call or PM

me. I am only selling because I have 3 55 gallon aquariums, a 45g aquarium, this 30 gallon, and a 10 gallon. I am just

trying to get a little money to put towards a 100+ gallon.



(850) 982-9188
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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