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26 3/4" Redfish 10/2/07 w/pic

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Went to T-pier 5:15. Worked a blue/silver rattletrap. Pretty much caught a variety- Spanish, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Jacks, Croaker, Pigs and Pins. Action for me was non-stop.

Put out the bigger spinning rod for some Reds. It was funny- I was using a huge live pinfish and I was reeling him to check on him, the guy next to me said- yeah you got one. I replied- no- it's the bait. He couldn't believe I was using such a large bait.

Only caught 1 Red, but it was a perfect 26 3/4"! No big ones.

Had a shark bite. Cut cleanly in half a ladyfish.

Below is the 26 3/4" Red!

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Such a pretty fish with some ugly mug behind it messing up the picture! :poke J/K Maybe we can get out this weekend and find some big boys to wrestle with.
It sounds like you had a good evening. Nice fish. I usually get comments on my large baits also.
Nice Fish! I can taste redfish on the halfshell now. Gotta get me some.
nice fish. i haven't caught one like that this year, yet
nice fish but i hope u have better luck next time
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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