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212 day's!!!

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OMG!!! I have 212 day's before I will be hunting in Mississippi!:banghead:banghead Where did the season go? I found some great place's to bow hunt next year, but can't do anything about it until October. I alway's thought my wife was kidding when she said I had a sickness. Now I think it is way beyond a sickness. Is there a 12 step program for this? I think I will continue to run my camera's for a little longer to wean myself slowly. I'm freakin out here!! Oh wait.... only 16 day's til turkey season! WHEW!! Can you say yelp, yelp.... BOOM!!! :blownaway Hope everyone had a great and safe hunting season!
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Yes it is hardto wait. My hunting partner started last week with feeders and cameras . We started looking for sheds too. It is still fine to get out before it gets too hot, snakes and ticks. Walked in the snow in Atmore after the season was overit was nice. too bad it was not like that when it was open.
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