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Judging by the activity in this sub-forum, it should be renamed to "How did the Dream Weaver do in the Bud Light this year forum."

Here is how we did in 2020...


Saturday was ideal weather-wise. Calm seas made the 55 mile run to the King Mackerel grounds a pleasurable jaunt. There were only 3 of us on the boat Saturday and we left the driveway at 0500. After launching the boat and running 60 miles, we still made it to the first stop before 0800. Fishing was SLOW. Plenty of fish marking up but not many eating. We could float a sardine out for 30 minutes and nothing would bother it, not even a Bonita. Heck, we didn't even see a Remora!

We moved around a lot and fished the top and the bottom. We fished from 200ft down to 400ft. We fished known "good" places and we prospected on new numbers. Nothing worked. We got a few snapper and a few mingo but that was mostly it. On the way in, we made 1 drop on a handful of public numbers and managed a 21lb snapper on one, but we didn't catch a single king. The ride in was long and rougher than the ride out, not terrible conditions but just frustrating after a long day. We did have one mingo that was about 3.5 pounds (dad caught it) so we had something that may be worth weighing the next day.



We headed home, got some fuel in the boat, and got ready for day 2.

Day 2 comes and we added 2 anglers to the crew, a father son combo that I have fished with for quite some time. Day 2 meant a shorter run to the edge and some snapper fishing later in the day. Since we had a junior angler on board for day 2, we wanted to beat his fish from last year. His biggest king last year was 17lbs so we were looking to beat his personal record. We didn't! We didn't catch a single king on day 2 either!

We did manage to catch a Wahoo! It was only 18lbs but it has been years since I have even seen one. I almost forgot what they look like...almost. Aside from the hoo, we caught a handful of almaco jacks, one scamp, and got one big bite that turned out to be a 20.8lb red grouper. One of the bigger red groupers I have seen in a while. Dad caught it too.



We hit the scales Sunday at 5 and had a 1st place mingo, 2nd place grouper, and 3rd place wahoo at the time. When it was all said and done, the wahoo was bumped off the board by bigger fish, the mingo got bumped down to 2nd but held 2nd over another mingo that was exactly the same weight but weighed later, and the grouper stayed in 2nd. So two 2nd place finishes overall. We also caught a few more "eating size" snapper for the freezer.

Overall we had a good time. The boat ran good. No one got hurt. I made my annual contribution to the Fuller's snapper funds, and we put some meat in the freezer!

The tournament had a pretty good turnout in my opinion. 580 anglers and 90 teams. It isn't like the gold ole days when there were 300 boats stacked up in the pass for a shotgun start, but it was still a great weekend!

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