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Hello all,
My name is Brandon and i have my 2012 Hobie outback for sale asking $2000.00. I bought it new from Liquid surf and sail on april 22, 2012 and have only used it 3 times, 1 being the GCKFA tourny (in which i only caught bull reds and catfish lol). Due to my family obligations and work i just haven't been able to use it enough to keep it and i hate going in my garage and seeing the dust collecting so here it is. What is included:
hobie outback kayak with various decals to help catch fish
hobie paddle
hobie water bottle
upgraded turbo fins (stock fins included)
Hobie Beach Wheelz (the big wheels)
Kayak anchor w/ line and float and storage bag
fish measuring stick with paddle leash
milk crate with 2 pole holders and various bungies and reflective belts
Yellow kayak life jacket
foam bait bucket
yak attack ram mount never installed in package for a FF or other equipment
$10.00 gift certificate to yak-gear
I have all the manuals, packages, various booklets for everything listed.
Thank you! Please serious inquiries only


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Nice. This is exactly the type and color I have been looking for.:thumbup: I can't believe my luck. Just 2 months ago I had not found an outback for sale and ended up buying a Hobie Kona for a second (lighter) kayak. Now with yours, there at least 3 Outbacks for sale. Unbeliveable! :) Now I have to decide if I should sell my PA or keep it and add this to my collection. Decisions...decisions. :confused:
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