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well, we're open for business!

we only have a handfull of the prizes listed for now, but we'll be adding more in the next week. look for (2) firearms, some good glass, and lots of other stuff to be added SOON!

tickets sales start NOW and will end on December 13th (checks mailed must be postmarked by Dec 10th). if you want to mail a check, my address is on the website.

we have raised nearly $34,000 in just 4 years with this annual raffle and every penny of that has been donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

if you would like to help with a prize donation, please just let me know. we would LOVE to have some fishing equipment up for grabs to go with all the hunting gear.

i have been running this raffle for the last 4 years, and we have acknowledgements from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundations for all of our annual donations (they are on the website and avaialbe for public viewing).

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