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2005 Mercury 60hp

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What do you think about the oil injection system on this motor??? i have only had one problem with it and it was not really the motors fault. :doh:doh:doh just wondering what everyones take is on the subject. thanks for all your info in advance. also the motor is on a 2005 triton 173sport if it makes a difference... thanks again
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Anybody have any opinions on this??? leave it alone...disconnect and premix??? any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks again!
i would leave it alone. thats just me.

engineers have been developing these injection systems for over 20 years. they have come a long way.
There may be a little dust on the center tap volume control. But im no expert. You may want a second opinion on that.:moon
Agin no expert; but from what I read the mix is changed based on the rpm of the motor. premix does not do that. Since the motor was designed for differnt mix ratios for differnt speeds, I would leave it alone unless you start having a unfixable problem.:usaflag
honestly that was the opinion i was hoping to hear...with an 18 gallon installed tank it would be a pain in the ass trying to pre mix and getting the ratio right all the time...i have just hear a few things about oil injection but none about this particular motor...thanks to all who replied and if anyone else has an opinion please post!

PS thanks for the humor MR!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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