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Hey guys I am posting this truck to the forum for my dad's best friends wife. His friend passed away and his wife is in the process of selling off what she doesn't need. I drove over today hoping the truck would be a Lariat or something but it is your basic truck. Sorry I didn't bring a camera but the truck is a white crew cab f350 diesel dulley and the odometer reads 6,810 miles. It does have a fiberglass camper shell and a chrome brushguard on the front. He also welded together a bracket off the back bumper it is some pretty heavy duty stuff. It has plastic floor covering and cloth seats. This will be an awesome truck for someone that need a heavy duty truck for pulling a boat, camper or pretty much anything. This truck will sell for less than $30,000. I am not really sure what she will sell it for but I do know the credit union told her she should be able to get between 28 and 30k.

The truck is located right off I10 in Ocean Springs Mississippi. The seller's name is Betty Tyler and her numbers are listed below:

228-875-5775 home 228-238-0130

Mr. Tyler also left her a big crab/oyster boat to deal with. I will list it in another post.


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