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2 for 2 on sunday, with a little help from my dog Hogan!

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Went to Eglin on Sunday withFlatspro1(Chad) and I stuck 2 does late. No blood trail on either?? I hit them both a little high!! We looked well past dark with no luck! I took my Lab-Hogan and he found them both in about 10 minutes each! Both Does had their hams eatten, we heard the cayotts as we were leaving!! Kinda scary with no weapon and it's pitch black!! Unfourtunatley, it was not cold enough last night and both of them had spoiled! :boo:reallycrying Looks likeI need to practice my shot placement!!!!


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man that sucks... we will be out there for smokepole season...:usaflag
Congrats on the trip but too bad for the loss. would have made some great Jerky. It sucks when the run on you in the evening. I think I am going to buy one of those blood lights just in case. I have never lost one, but I would really hate to lose one just because I could not find the trail. BTW, I have had them run on me after I stuck them in the chest and never drop a bit of blood. Sometimes the exit wound just closes up on you. If you are in a heavy thicket they could be 10ft away from you and you would never know it. Too bad.:reallycrying Keep those reports coming. What kind of broadhead were you using?
what kind of broadheads are you shooting??????
2 for 2 for me, with sausage already in the freezer, gotta get one of these for tracking, he's 14 mo old batting 1000.

See ya in the woods
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I stuck the first one with a Ti Rocky and the second with a G5 Montec! I knew the first one would be tricky, Arrow did not pass thru ass she ran off. I was waiting my 30min and thats when the 2nd one showed up.
Finally got my first one out of Bluewater Creek. It was a button buc. First shot was a gut shot. Second shot in the hind quarter. I tracked the deer about 100 yds and he jumped up and ran another 100 yards in thick cover. Had to call off trailing until am and my beagle Wishbone went right to the deer and started barking the next morning. I was more excited that my beagle would blood trail a deer than anything. I was using my new Diamond BlackIce. First deer I have shot at with this bow and it is a kill. It wasn't pretty, but it builds some confidence. I needed to break the ice. No pun intended!!! Thanks again to Mike's Outdoors for hooking me up with a decent bow and setup.

WellI finally redemmed myself!! I took 2 deer at a friends lease in Marrianna on Friday morning! Took first Doe at 8am and let 2 small bucks go by, 3pt and a cow horn. A few minutes later a couple of does were comming I thought. I shot my second one at 32yards, it ran 20yds and piled up! I switched to Hyper-Shock broadheads,after no blood trail on friday! They areAWESOME!!! The 1st doe was less than 30 yards from the stand and after I draged her back I knew where the second one was, I saw "her" go down. Turned out to be a 1" spike, I was not very happy to say the least! I got a cooler of meat going to Cajun Specialty on monday AM!!!

Matthews Drenalin 4 Deer Zero!!!!!!
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