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#2 - 8pt from my lease in conecuh forest

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I held two numbers behind my hand and let me wife choose where we were going to hunt, she chose a shooting house near the conecuh river so i dropped her off and walked down a road I had never scouted. Climbed a tree probably 60-70 foot up and I could see about 75 yards in every direction over some swamp bottoms. Dumped an entire can of tinks spray, spraying every time the wind blew. Had a cowhorn come in at 5pm, when he walked away I grunted and started hearing footsteps behind me, downwind. I made a noise and he stopped behind a tree but i still had a small window where i could get a shot near his lungs. One of his lungs actually blew out the other side of his ribs! He did me the favor of running towards me to die.

This is the second time spraying estrous a big buck as come in down wind. From now on during the rut I am going to make a point to put the deer on the downwind side of me, just the opposite of the rest of the season.

The next night I sat with my wife for our last hunt. I really hoped I could bring one in for her. We had 2 buttons and 2 cowhorns right under us and then at 6pm had a big boy walk straight at us at 20 yards then turn broadside but I couldn't make out the rack good enough it was already after legal shooting hours :(


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Nice buck. I'd try to hunt a bit higher in the future but watch out for jet wash from passing aircraft.
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Good one! Congrats!!
Awesome deer! Congrats on a great hunt! And yeah, 60 ft?!? Be safe!! Wear that harness
pretty swamp buck!
My thoughts exactly! Great picture, too. Love those chunky horns. it was already after legal shooting hours ...Alabama doesnt have end time for legal hours. damn nice deer. plenty thick horns!...........
Nice buck!!!! Great mass! Congrats to ya!!!
nice buck, congrats...... BTW, if you drink the tinks it works better than spraying.... more natural if you sweat it out your pores....
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