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Bud and I motored out about 10:30 am and hit several near shorewrecks with not much doing. Four or five red porgys and a couple of joltheads on bait. Also threeRS and a nice AJ on artificials. Had to hold one of the RS in the live well until a porpoise left our area. Heading for home we ran across a structure not on our maps that was loaded with bait and large fish. Immediately caught two over-slot reds and then got into the AJs, catching four of 22 fl, everything on gulp baits. Bud tried a plastic blue crab and caught a small gag!

Kept the porgys and two AJs for supper and got to buds slip about sun down. A beautiful day and a lucky structure find that made our trip. Forgotmy camera again and have only phone pics I can't upload.
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