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1st hunting trip of season

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I am hunting a new piece of property in Alabama this year. I only had about 8 hours of scouting and stand setting before the season started, so we were pretty much blind going in.
I hunted a total of 8 sittings, and saw deer on 5 of the 8 sits. The solunar tables suggested that Monday and Tuesday would be good days, and we saw deer both days. My son, Emeral Ghost Jr, scouted and picked out his own spot, and after about a 10 year hiatus from hunting ( college, work, women) he saw 32 deer in 9 sittings. He said some of the deer were daily repeats and that there were actually 16 different deer, including a spike, a 6 point and a very nice 8 point. He said the 2 bucks were traveling together and out of bow range, and that he was shaking with excitement after watching them for about 5 minutes. I had a another ladder stand set up about 150 yards southwest of him in a creek bottom and found 2 active scrapes on Friday, I'm sure this was brought on by the rain we had on Thursday morning.
Emeral Ghost Jr. sent a Carbon Max 3000 with a 100 grain T-3 at a doe, but we were unable to recover. It appears that he didn't get an exit wound, and after looking for a good 2 hours we couldn't find blood. But, the same group of 4 does that passed by him on Friday a.m. only had 3 in the group when passing by on Saturday a.m..
The weather was nice, it got down into the lows 40's on a couple of mornings, and I took one whole day off and just scouted. It was a great week in the woods enjoying the outdoors and God's creations. Having your son with you just adds to the enjoyment.
I'm not unpacked yet, and I'm already looking forward to the next trip.
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