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We finished the dog season in fine fashion. We were able to kill some really nice bucks during the last week of the season and I have been getting calls from people wanting to see the big one. Preston ended up killing the big one for the season, a 10pt that scored 144 3/8", Rusty killed a really nice 8pt on the next to last day that tipped just over 123"( I will post this picture later, I don't have it on this stick). We ended up killing 28 deer (24 bucks), 16-7pt or better,tenof them scored over 100". many of them pushed the limit on the 200lb scale. Congrats goes out to Mr. Sauls (23" inside spread 7pt), Turbo (20 1/2" inside spread 8 pt), Karen (113" 10 pt ), 13 year oldTJ (his first 8pt), TJ's happy daddy-Curt 102"-8pt(His biggest to date), Wes 103"-8pt, Leron, andRusty. We also bagged 2 pigs on the last day, congrats to Ryan and Preston. That was the best eating pig that I have ever smoked. What a week and a season, here are some of the pics.

Rusty's 123" 8pt picture has now been added at the bottom

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