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Copied this from Clay Doh on the other forum....

October 13th- 15th!

Fishing can begin at 4 pm Friday October 12th. Measure-In deadline is Sunday the 15th, 2 pm.

One winner, winner take all. $20 "donation" (thats a nice legal term since this is a public forum) due by Thursday October 11th, 3 pm, goes to the "winner" with the largest shark measured by the deadline at fork length. ALL legal species of shark are eligable.

Measuring will be conducted at Fort Mcree.

There is not a mandatory "check-in" before the tournament, but be honest and do not drop a line in until the official start time.

If you are on a boat, please pay an entry fee for each person who will be fishing! Wether your kid, wife, lesbian lover, friend, or some homeless person you brought along to help with the gaff. If you are surf fishing, and have some of your buddies with you who will be manning a pole, please be fair and pay the entry fee for each participant.

Cookout sunday afternoon, hopefully some fried shark nuggets. Maybe saturday also if it turns out some of us can actually catch one of these things! A small portion (probably around $40) of the "donation" fee will be used for oil, propane, breading, and condiments. Receipts will be kept, I promise not to use it for beer money.

For a shark to win IT MUST BE MEASURED PUBLICLY at Fort Mcree. After that, you can keep the shark like a selfish bastard, or you can donate it to the cookout! After a shark is publicly measured, please do not bring any sharks the same size or smaller since there is no second place. Please follow Florida and Federal game laws as regards to bag limits ect. You can bring in one shark per day.

If you do not eat shark, please make sure to keep your eligable shark in good condition and cold on the way to Mcree. There will be many people who would love to take some home if we already have enough for the cookouts. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE THESE TASTY CRITTERS!

There are no angling rules other than abide by the laws. Everything else is captains choice, as regards angling methods and gear, firearms, ect. So please make sure you are aware of these laws. And yes, it IS illegal believe it or not to spearfish a shark, so I will not be attempting that.

This event is more for the purpose of having a dang good time and fryin up some shark on the beach with good friends and making more good friends than anything else. Please keep that in mind, and this will go smooth.

$20 "donation" can be mailed to:

BOSS Commercial Building Services

1333 College Parkway #110

Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

If mailing a check or money order, please make payable to "CASH". Do NOT make it payable to my business name or me!

My number is (850) 777-1221. If you would like to meet up or swing this way, I live in Gulf Breeze. After you enter, please post a post on here to that simply says "ENTERED" so we can all get exited as the prize money grows!

There are a ton of other rules that could be posted, but I think everybody knows what is ethical and proper and fair. Also mob riot will enforse any common sense rules. Such as if you bring a frozen shark you caught last month to the Measure-In, I think the mob riot will fix that stupidity. And they say you can't fix stupid!

There will be some people camping on Fort Mcree, and I will be bringing some firewood to keep a homebase fire going. I will also be taking a couple boatless anglers to McRee who will be surf fishing for the tournament.

IF YOU HAVE ROOM FOR 1 OR MORE TO TRANSPORT TO FORT MCREE TO SURF FISH AND CAMP SO THEY CAN BE PART OF THIS TOO, PLEASE SAY SO!!! Johnsonbeachbum has offered to transport people/ gear tents ect on his deck boat also! Sniper has also offered a ride. Boatless anglers, speak up if yer goin out to MCree!

Before the tournament, an official VHF channel will be announced.

If called for weather, it will be rescheduled for the following weekend.

I look foward to this, and meeting more of you!

And thanx wishiniwasfishin for kickstartin this thing!

And thanx to all those of you who offered to help with this too!
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So Haven't heard much about this Tourney. Is it still on with all of this weather? How many entries do we have so far? I will possibly have 4 entries (as long as people can come up with the money)
I'm paid for 2. I went ahead and paid 2, even though don't know who I'm going with. Figured it'll help build the kitty, and he can pay me back or I keep all the prize money.

Won't know what the weather will be like til we get closer. I've started my chum making already, so it's on with me whether there's a tourney or not. I think others feel the same.

Get in there!!! Action creates action!!! Put in for 4 and I'll bet someone else will match. Human nature- no one wants to be the first, but no one wants to lose out, either.
Thanx for repostin Wishin!!!!!

If the weather is calm that weekend, we are on! If the weather turns to heck, it will be moved to the following weekend. If you have paid an entry fee but can not fish the following weekend, you can get your entry fee back. Also, if you did like big fish rookie and sent in 2, but end up fishin by yourself, you can get the other entry fee back.

This is more about havin fun then collecting entry fees!

My boats in for 5 entries!
If you are in need of a crew member, I'm looking to crew on somebody's boat Saturday and Saturday night (share expenses and name your favorite beverage).
Clay I'll send you my part on pay day! Hey is your better half going? Christy is wanting to go if you don't mind giving her a ride our there, her and Linda can hold down the fort while we go fishin!....lold
Team FishWerksFab is in for 3, checks in the mail. We can also provide rides from Sherman cove for up to 3 others.
Well NOAA says 3-5 for Friday :banghead:hoppingmad
Well if its to bad we can fish the bay seems to be some big sharks caught there lately
As of friday, we received Bigfishrookies 2 entries, and Need2fish's entry. By the way, you over paid Need2! You got $5 dollars commin back!

Konz, as of now, Linda says she is Definately goin out to camp! So bring the lady along! Well talk this week and make arangements! Maybe theyll keep us a hot pot of coffe onthe stove and have breakfast made when we come in???:poke:)

Lookin foward to it guys! I probably wont be headin offshore out of the bay other than one day, and will fish the pass and such otherwise. Theres plenty o big ones there if the water is ruff!
We're in with 2!!!! Will see everyone Friday!!!


Let me know if we need to bring anything to the party.

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Kane Mano and Team Share-It are posting up 5 entries in the mail today. That puts aC note in the kitty. Looking forward tomeeting you guys andenjoying the weekend. Anybody going out early friday? I took a day off just to get set up. I got a crew coming out.Might be the last hoorah of the year for this angler.Gonna put the whalerup and do some refitting for next year. She's 33& been rode hard it's time for a few upgrades and some neededrepairs.
lil talley fisher (10/8/2007)We're in with 2!!!! Will see everyone Friday!!!


Let me know if we need to bring anything to the party.

Sorry it was my wife sn.
Man guys, this is looking like it will be a blast. My wife is camping out there, at least saturday morning till sunday, havent figured out if she might go out friday evening. I will be bringing some big chunks of firewood, and a grill made to go over a campfire. Perfect for fresh fish, steaks, or warming up a can of beans incase we diside to have a farting contest!:moon

Brandy and his wife and 3 girls will also be there camping, along with Konz girl, Christy. I am probably going to spend days around the pass and on Mcree, and do my serios fishing eveing and night.

If anybody else is able to bring a chunk or two of firewood, that would be great. Not nessacarily split wood, it burns fast, and there is plenty of driftwood and such on the island. Solid logs or chunks burn slower and longer, and it is going to be chilly at night.

Please bring your own trash bag. But we will have a nice fire going. I think I'm bringin us some steaks!

I am lookin foward to this, and lookin foward to meeting more of you that I havent had the oppurtinity to yet! So far counting the people who said they already mailed in or will meet me,we're dealin with over $300 of prize money to the master sharker!

Any questions, give me a call (850) 777-1221
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Great to hear. I was thinking the same thing- We're gonna have a blast! Looks like the weather is going to be very nice. Hope it holds. Time will tell.

Clay, I might be able to make it out for the tourny this weekend. If I can make it can I pay my dues at the camp out so long as I contact you first? Also where about in the cove are you going to set up camp?

Yeah, thats fine Matt. As long as you promise not to go and catch the big winning shark before you enter!:poke

We usualy pitch tent on the east side, not back on the cove side. But of course depending on the wave action, we will probablly be in the cove, but the eastern most end.
Clay-Doh (10/9/2007)

If anybody else is able to bring a chunk or two of firewood, that would be great. Not nessacarily split wood, it burns fast, and there is plenty of driftwood and such on the island. Solid logs or chunks burn slower and longer, and it is going to be chilly at night.Any questions, give me a call (850) 777-1221
Don't bring pallets or other wood full of nails! Or railroad ties nor telephone pole as they just stink and gagyou away from the fire.

If you have a bunch of firewood to haul out and don't want to load it into your boat, I can haul it out there on my boat for you from Sherman Cove. Almost needs a new floor so it won't hurt too much.
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