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Thinking of trading my truck for a jeep. <U>No suv's</U>. Just a plain good running jeep wrangler type. Don't care year, just something that looks somewhat beefy. Just thought I would put it on here to see what might happen. Thisis a good truck for pulling a boat!!

1998 Dodge Ram

Motor 360 I think about 135k


Tow package

Transmission cooler

Extended cab

color black

6 disc cd changer

Hands free phone system

great condition If I remember right it has Dana 410's

Not sure of the value of the truck, just always wanted a jeep, and may consider trade. We just bought a new dodge, so we have a pull vehicle. And this will for sure out pull the Hemi. This truck was set up to pull my Bass Boat around the countrywhen fishing tournaments. Was always stored in Barn before moving to Florida.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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