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I have a 1979 Fish and Ski. She is a 15fttri-hull and currently has a 1967 Johnson 60hp outboard on her. Thats right "1967". The motor was running on it fine at one point. But I let a shotty machanic work on it and now nothing happens when I turn the key. The carbs have been cleaned, brand new water pump and impeller, the prop is brand new (but nicked - remember its my 1st boat), It has a marine cd player with two speakers and an antena. I also fabricated a brand new transom (which I am pretty proud of my handwork). As for the trailer... Well you can get the boat from A to B but I wouldnt try putting it on the Interstate or anything (light wiring, fender wells loose, ect.) The floors are not fiberglassed to the boat but the floors themselves have been coated with fiberglass to resist any rot.It has twobrand new cushioned seats and a spedometer. Also has anewbilge pump.

If I where going to continue to keep this boat, I would ditch the motor on it and find an used40hp outboard and slap her on it.This is an old boat with all the accessories being brand new. Ive already paid more than its worth to get her into good enoughshape just to sell. It was an expensive lesson, but now someone has the opportunity to put in a few more bucks and have a 'ol beater boat for fishing 3mile, river, and bay area.

Ill try to get some pictures up so you guys can take a look. Number is 850-572-0456

BTW I bought her for $800.00, and have spent 1,200 on replacing transom, seats, fiberglass, wiring, cd player, speakers and ect. All she need is a motor and she will go.
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