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I bought this boat a few months ago to fix up and clean up. I bought it from an elderly retired navy pilot who bought it new back in 93 as a 94 boat. He bought it to share with his son who I think went into the service. He put an estimated 100 hours on it between 94-2002. He parked it in a slip under a cover at sherman cove until I bought it. He had it elevated and the plug out. i put a new tire/rim on the boat. The leaf springs are in good shape with just the normal surface rust and the galvanized trailer is in awesome shape for its age. The gelcoat on the boat is is great shape because it was covered. It had mildew all over it but its all cleaned up now. The boat has NO SOFT SPOTS or rotting. I have redone the plumbing in the bilge, changed hose clamps etc. The side windows have small heat blisters at the bottom which are no big deal. It has a anchor locker/fishbox in the bow, livewell/cooler under both seats and a livewell in the transom. It has storage under both consoles. The motor is a Tohatsu 60. Like I said, about 100 hours on it. Under the casing it is in awesome shape for a 94. The gas tank was drained, the oil was drained, the fuel water separator was changed, carbs cleaned, new plugs, and the filters have been cleaned. The motor casing was faded bad so I sanded and painted it. The finish isnt real pretty but it looks pretty good and with some stickers it'd look great. The 60 pushes the 17' boat surprisingly good, and if I was to pick another motor for the boat it would be a 60. I estimate about 40 mph. The boat is very fun to drive because you are low in it and its like a little go cart. The bottom is a pretty good deep v and the cuts chop good. has a Humminbird fishfinder also.

The only thing about the boat that I would fix but it is basically impossible, is I think 2 of the fish boxes/ coolers have broken off hose clamps so they drain into the bilge instead of overboard. This isnt a big deal, at the end of the day pull the plug in the cooler and the one in the boat and it'll all drain out.

Feel free to ask me any questions or ask for more pics. Call me @ 850-485-1163.

I think a fair price is $3500. Feel free to make offer also. MIGHT trade for truck rims/tires, or lift, stacks plus cash. Thanks.

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