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Your right at the high end with that prop on the RPM range.

I have a Suzuki 3 X 14in X 18 stainless that is repitched to 18.5 that you can try.

I ran these at first....then raised the motors and went to 3 X 14 X 20's.

I like running the Suzuki props. No one makes the diameter big enough in the aftermarket to take advantage of the low gear ratio that Suzzy's have.

They want to put a 13 1/2dia prop on them. :(

The low gear ratio allows for a larger prop and better holeshot.

BUT.....Suzuki is nortorius about having their props 1 to 1 1/2in of pitch less than what is stamped on them.

All 4 of my props were off and they were NIB.

I'm not the only one that has seen this.

All of mine have been to the prop shop for checking and rework.
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