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Got up late, didnt make it out until about 8am. Started around 17th, then after a very slow morning decided to ride out around Jim fish camp. Again not much luck, actually NO luck and I threw the kitched sink trying. I did see some small white trout caught but not enought ot keep me there.So I packed up, on my way home a friend called and wanted to fish,so I swung by and got him and we headed back around 17th street.

Finally started hooking up around 3:30 anduntil 5:30 I didnt stop pulling in fish. First few fish where14-16 in specks, then I caught a nice size black drum, gave me a good fight. Nothing like the monster drumI caught last week but stillfun. Then out of know where my line took off again and it was fighting pretty dang good but wasnt acting like a red or even a sheep head. Finally it broke the top of the water and my mouth dropped, it was a killer sized pompino. Never have I caught a pompino in the bayou, besides SMALL babys. This was MOMMAI guess, very nice size fish. We ended the day with 1,000 small specks all in a row,which I will take considering I fished all day with no luckand finally the last 2 hoursI caught fire.

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