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Myself, Skiffin on"Ronnie", And Randy started fishing the bridge around 10 am,plenty of white trout,small grouper.puffer fish. Then went to a long wall,assuming Port of Pensacola, which is between 3 mile bridge and where the Auditorium used to be. Fished right up against the wall and caught monster pin fish,pompano,hardtails,very nice sized white trout, and had a 4 to 5 foot shark take a live bait but didn't get the hook. Pulled him just beside the boat before he let go.

Went back Friday to the bridge, didn't catch as many as Thursday,so went back to the wall and started catching the bigger white trout again, and then comes the rain,which we didn't beat to the ramp.Dried out a little and fished the Pensacola side of the bridge and started catching nice whiting. Ronnie caught a nice Blackdrum,released unharmed.

Didn't catch the first red fish or sheepshead. We had live shrimp which I fished around the pilings with,but no luck. Has anybody ever fished the wall close to where the auditiorum used to be,east towards the bridge?I was run off from there several years ago by some workers.

Well we always try to do an annual trip this time every year to catch white trout,and always catch plenty to eat and keep some for bait for offshore,and we did just that. Happy New Year from the Opelika Al PFF members
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