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11 year olds first bow kill

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I wanted to share this one with you guys, My son Zacgot his first bow kill last Friday evening. He has sat six times for three hours each & finallygot his shot he's been waiting for. I dropped him off Friday evening at a ladder stand, when I came back at dark to get him he had not only shot the deer but had already drug the deer back to the plot & was standing there beaming when I drove up. I pretty much freaked out.

He said that he couldn't shoot over the rail because he was too short although heis fitted with a safety harness he still managed to stand up on top of his seat without the deer busting him. The deer was standing at a slight angle quartered away.As he drew his bow the deer turned at even a greater angle. I had told him this was a good angle for a kill shot. At twenty yards he hit the last rib, went through the spleen, the left lung, & through the heart. The deer ran about 40 yards & Zac got to watch her fall. Pretty cool for a kids first bow kill. With all the deer I have killed in my life, this doe means more to me!!!!!! I'm mounting the deer for Zac. He thinks he's theCAT DADDY!!!

I would like to thank Robert, Anthony & the guy's at Outcast for setting Zac up with his bow.

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good job on the kill:bowdown/and ibet all the varmints in your yard are glad he asmove up to bigger pray.
NICE SHOT ZAC way to go :bowdown:bowdown:bowdown
Proud Pops congrats to Zac....All the practice with sticks,spears,bb guns, sling shots pays off:clap:clap:clap

Great shot!:bowdown
Congrats ZAC!!!!!!!!!! great shot my friend. You will be hooked for life now!:bowdown:bowdown
Way to go Zac, you are better than me with a bow this year. And a much deserved :bowdown for you Dad. I cant wait for this weekend. Gun opens and this is by far the best two weeks of my year. Lots and lots of family and very low stress. Congrats again.
That is awesome.Cherish the time you spend with your son both on the water and in the woods. They grow up too fast. Mine is now away at college and I sure miss him.
Congrats Zac......very nice bowkill..........:toast
Congrats to Zac, and props to pop for intrudicng a sport that will live on to his son!:clap:clap:clap:clap
AWESOME!!!!!! Glad to see the younguns bustin em!!!!!!!!!
Excellent!!! Good job. That's 2 thumbs up!!!!
Congrats!!!!! You look mighty proud!!!! Well done!!!!!!!
that's great. been bow huntin for about 6 years now and still havent taken one. where do i sign up for lessons?
Way to go Zac! Thats pretty impressive standing up on the seat and still getting the shot off without spooking the deer! I'd definitely mount that one!
Dang impressive for ANYONE to stand up like you did to drive one home, let alone getthe shot.

CONGRATULATIONS, to say the least. Is that Sh** Eating grin going to be with you long.....I hope so.:bowdown:clap:clap
Thanks to everyonefor the nice comments towards my son, when he looks over these post with me & is able to see that people are proud of him, I feel that it gives him a sense of pride. He feels as if he has accomplished a goal that he had set for himself. Now it is my job to keep him humble! I know I post a lot of Zac's photo's. Please never feel that I am bragging on my son, I'm just a proud daddy & I realize justhow fast time goes by. I'm building memories every day I can.I hope I get to send another post every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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