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Most of last nights crew (see Flounder gigging forum:10 NOV) (Me, Dad, Roby, and Scoot) along with Cam, got up this morning for a little rod and reel fishing. We met at 0700, bound for the White Trout Hole.

Once we got set and started fishing, the catching began. We really just wanted enough Trout to use for King bait, so we were keeping only the smaller ones for bait (and a few of the biggest ones for lunch). In all I guess we kept 12-15 out of the 30 or so we caught. After 45 min of the white trout we were ready to try our luck for the Reds and Kings.

We got in the gulf and found it fishable, barely. East-southeast winds at 15 kts and about a 2-3ft swell. We kept the run short (around a mile) and set out two Trout to find us some bigger fish. 30 min pass and the rod on the down-rigger starts screaming. Roby grabs it...and the second rod sounds into chorus. Cam gets the second fish and the fight begins.

Roby is 5 min in to his battle and the line goes slack, he reels in to find a single solitary redfish scale on one of his hooks! You can't catch them all. Cam is still doing an outstanding job on his fish, and 10 more minutes pass. Dad looks at me and says, "Most kids his age would've given up five minutes ago!" Yeah well...not this kid. A solid 20 min into the fight we finally get a look at Cam's fish, a nice king. I guess seeing that fish really motivated Cam and in a few more minutes we had him in the boat.

Time to reset. Minutes later both rods again sound in unison. Scoot's up this time, and Roby picks up the other rod for a little retribution. This time the fish stay attached and we land two BIG Redfish.

Reset again and the wait ensues...30 minutes pass...45...60... not a bite?!?!? The sea state continues to degrade and we decide to call it a day/morning, whatever. Back to the ramp by 1115, load the boat and return to the parent's house to clean the fish (last nights and today's).

Thanks, guys, for a great morning, I'm glad we could do it.
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