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11/4/07 Report (kind of)

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Well I went to bed last night like it was the night before Christmas. In other words, did not sleep much.

Clock goes off at 0500, out the door and to the boat. Forgot about the sun coming up so early with the time change. Out the pass I go, It was a little breezy at Sherman, I was a little concerned. It is okay out till the second or third bouy. With the North wind and me heading South, I start to think.

"if this wind does not lay down, it will be a hard ride home from the South." made a command decision and turned around and played around in the bay for a couple hours with nothing to show for it.

Listning to the WX on the VHF, I decided to get my "office" work done today and try to hit the deep water tomorrow.

Anyone else going out tomorrow (Monday) the WX dude is calling for 1 Ft or LESS!.

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The bay was a little non-productive this morning for us as well. But the pass was on fire. Your thoughts about the north wind was our thoughts exactly as well. We turned around and the pass was decent with the land blocking the north wind. But the kings were in force. See report in Inshore reports section. Other than the water getting a little nasty, the weather was very nice this morning. A little chilly before the sun came up fully, but nice.
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