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Went looking for Pomps Sunday 11.29 afternoon around 2:30pm, was an incoming tide so figured it would be good. My Dad fished in close as I waded out and bombed them out as far as possible. We both used peeled shrimp and Fish Bites (Sandflea Color). I like the combo of shrimp and a small strip or Fishbytes in dirty water.
My Dad caught/kept 3 whitings. I didn't catch a single whiting, but managed 3 Pomps. So, my conclusion is the Pomps are out far and the Whiting are right on the break in close. Largest Pomp 16, Smallest 13

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hunting!!

PS. Thanks to my Friend at "TOP GUN Tackle" who made me a Pomp rig at the beach for my second pole. Right after I casted the new set up, hooked and landed a Pomp, he must be a professional.
Guess I forgot to bring more, LOL....


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