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11/12/07 report

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set out 2nite out of shoreline. no wind and slick calm. very warm on the water also. moving through grass/sand i see one, stick one. 16 1/2 inches. stick one mullet. another hour goes by and nothing. head in. wind starts picking up anyway. used my new honda eu2000i. man that thing is quiet. now just need a righteous light set up. still using the $11 clamp on lamps from lowes with 300 watt big a$$ bulbs. well bulb, i knocked gig into one and it shattered. but one light still did okay.
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what time did you go and what was the tide doing? also, did you see 100 stingrays to your 1 flounder?
Well atleast you got to get out there and didnt get skunked!!!
at least you got something thanks for the report
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