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11/11 flounder fishing

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No gigging involved, but thought my fellow flounder addicts would like the report.

Took the wife and dog out for a little fishing on Sunday. Went to the East Pass to fish along the rocks for flounder and maybe a redfish. It was a little rough because of the boat traffic, but my wife managed to catch a big blue fish. She was excited and all you married folk know that a wife being excited about fishing is a good thing.
After fighting the boat wakes I decided to go out of the pass in search of diving birds, just in case a school of redfish miraculously appeared. Saw birds but no redfish schools.

Went back to calmer waters to a couple of docks that have produced flounder in the past. 5th cast with a jig produced a nice 18" flounder.

Caught a few trash fish in between docks, but then got another flounder 19"

Fished around and went to another dock and got a 17" flounder

Didn't catch a lot of fish, and was real surprised to get those fish without catching a bunch of little ones. After we caught the last one we decided to quit on a good note. Plus the dog had enough.
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Nice report and pictures. I'm also surprised with the "NO" shorts. Dinner in the making.
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great report and pictures! its always nice to fish that area. i love east pass and the marina area.

have you been gigging in that area lately? is it worth dragging the boat down there?
nice job, flouner is the chicken of the sea inshore!

good to know docks ares till holding fish

nice :clap
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