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No gigging involved, but thought my fellow flounder addicts would like the report.

Took the wife and dog out for a little fishing on Sunday. Went to the East Pass to fish along the rocks for flounder and maybe a redfish. It was a little rough because of the boat traffic, but my wife managed to catch a big blue fish. She was excited and all you married folk know that a wife being excited about fishing is a good thing.

After fighting the boat wakes I decided to go out of the pass in search of diving birds, just in case a school of redfish miraculously appeared. Saw birds but no redfish schools.

Went back to calmer waters to a couple of docks that have produced flounder in the past. 5th cast with a jig produced a nice 18" flounder.

Caught a few trash fish in between docks, but then got another flounder 19"

Fished around and went to another dock and got a 17" flounder

Didn't catch a lot of fish, and was real surprised to get those fish without catching a bunch of little ones. After we caught the last one we decided to quit on a good note. Plus the dog had enough.

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