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11-11 -07 gigging

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Got after them again last night . Went 5 for 5-Smallest 16 inches largest 20 inches.


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Nice mess of flounder. I know it was great conditions. Thanks for sharing. SHB
nice we got three thursay night all about the same size
those are some good looking fish 2 of them are pretty huge thanks for the report
good report, nice mess of fish...what general area were you in?
Thats a nice mess of fish right there...thanks for the report!!!
Great bunch of flatties, Good job, Thanks for the report
nice flounder:letsdrink
markw4321 I'd like to complement you on your photo skills.

You guy's take note. This is how it "Should" be done.

The framing square give a total perspective of the fish's size. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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