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11/03/07 report

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put out tonight in my boys new rig. 15' alumacraft 25 4stroke mercury efi tiller. one clamp light up front. i went ahead and bought that honda eu2000 from gulf shores power sports but havent picked it up yet. hope to have a real lite setup for next time.

put in at 17th and went south. saw one. gigged one. didnt measure but looks about 16 inches. my 13 yr old first gigged flounder. water clarity was very good but wind was fairly strong from the ne. went to krispy kreme afterwards for a celebratory donut and saw another gigger. he went up near shoreline to sikes and only saw a shortie. slow nite again. where are they????

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Congrats to your boy on his first flatty,and the new boat.I worked several areas last night myself and only managed to see one but he was 22 inches.I was gonna go tonight myself but saw the N wind at 9 so decided to wait til tomorrow night and see how they act on the nipping tide.Everyone i talked with so far have the same report,1-2 fish all night.:banghead Thanks for the report,and congrats again to your boy on his first fish on the new boat.:clap
GREAT to your 13 year old for the first of many flounder!!! I guess we are going to have someone else hooked now. :hoppingmad And by the way there is nothing better than some HOT Krispy Kremes after a good night of anything!
At least you got out. Thanks for the report
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