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10" Tsunami Holographic Eels

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Regularly, 3.69/2 pack My price, $ 15/24 pack. See last item on catalog page below.

Tsunami Soft Baits
Tsunami Soft Plastic Lures are made with Mustad Hook and available in a variety of models such as the Eel, Squid, Shad, and Minnow. All of the Tsunami Soft Baits are versatile lures that can be used for many different target species while fishing many different conditions. There sizes and shapes are proven fish catchers.

Tsunami Holographic Eels

True to life reflective Holographic foil core material

Precision designed swim tails and curl tails for strike triggering swimming action

Reusable zip seal storage bag

Models in 4" to 10" lengths for jigging, cranking, swimming techniques

79996717220TSUNAMI HE4/3/3 Halo EELS 4" 3pk BLACK BACK2.99
79996717221TSUNAMI HE4/3/6 Halo EELS 4" 3pk OLIVE BACK2.99
79996717224TSUNAMI HE6/3/3 Halo EELS 6" 3pk BLACK BACK3.29
79996717225TSUNAMI HE6/3/6 Halo EELS 6" 3pk OLIVE BACK3.29
79996717228TSUNAMI HE8/3/3 Halo EELS 8" 3pk BLACK BACK3.69
79996717229TSUNAMI HE8/3/6 Halo EELS 8" 3pk OLIVE BACK3.69
79996717232TSUNAMI HE10/2/3 Halo EELS 10" 2pk BLACK BACK3.69
79996717233TSUNAMI HE10/2/6 Halo EELS 10" 2pk OLIVE BACK3.69 I'm sellingbulk packs of 24 eels for $ 15.

1 packagehas 24 Eels in it--so nobody gets confused. I have a bunch.
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Yes, I can get them out today If i have the address. Shipping cost for 1 pack shouldn't be bad. I'll have to check when I go to the post office and I'll post the cost here.

Im me or e-mail me with an address.
Yours went out this morningJohn. I couldn't make it to the PO on time on Friday. You should get them tomorrow or Wednesday. PM sent.

Screen names and real names make it kinda confusing.


One more package left.
I have a few more packagesof the eels. I found them this morning (Thursday). I dumped all of my e-mails re: the Eels and don't remember who wanted more.
Thank you Fishermon! That is really cool. I hope to get a bunch more Eels Friday or Saturday. They sure are easy to sell. I've send dozens of packages to the Carolinas and as far up as Maine.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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