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10/26-10/28 Perdido Pass with pics

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Went out in Perdido Bay for the first time Fri-Sun. Fri and Sat took the bass boat (because we had nothing else) and Sunday on the new (to us) 2005 Kenner 19'. What a weekend! Friday caught a lot of small stuff, flounder, Mangrove Snapper, and some biguns that got off (no net available):banghead. Saturday got 3 nice Redfish 2 of which were 24" and 1 27", as well as a nice Black Drum. Had seen on TV that the Drum were no good eating but decided to try it anyway and found them to be delicious. The Redfish were amazing as always. Anyway, Sunday no Redfish, but 5 nicer Black Drum. Turned out to be a great weekend, can't wait to get that new boat out to Dixie Bar for somw Bull Red action.


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