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Took my stepson out on Saturday and decided to stay inside given that it was looking to be kinda' windy all day. Didn't hit the water till about 8:30 AM so I headed over to the Garcon Point area and drifted along the shoreline with the wind sock deployed. Only caught two fish all morning but I am not complaining. I caught a 37 plus inch red (it was at least 1 inch longer than my Florida Sportsman law stick) and my stepson caught a 23" keeper red. Big red went back in the water and was revived. Legal red went in our bellies Saturday night (yum). Big red hit a little 1/4 oz jighead with a small piece of cut bait and my smallest rod/reel combo of course the other one was caught on a mirrolure.

Sorry for the washed out pic, only had my cell phone with me. That's my stepson holding the red.


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