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Went out today with Mickanole, netted some bait at the ramp, got the boat in the water and we're off for some snapper fishing get to the pass all looks good 1 to 3 feet. start heading out to the spot 6 miles out it turns 3 - 4 feet we're already committed keep going. at 10 miles 3 - 4 turned to 5 - 6 feet. we decide maybe this is not the best day for snapper fishing, change plans head to 3mile bridge for some of what ever will bite. get to 3mile after a long grueling ride. set some lines out get three hookups on all pull the hooks. After some BSing, zing fish on and he's running drag out. After a long battle around the boat and under the anchore rope we see a real nice 36" king I have the gaff ready he looks whooped, as I try to gaff he makes one last run and breaks the steel leader.:banghead:banghead:banghead We settle back down then another line starts running out Mick battles it out with him for awhile finally we boat a fish small Black tip about 22" after hook removal and some cell phone pics he's returned to the water to fight another day. On the way home we pick up a couple on a half sunk Hobie Cat Give them and thier vessel a ride home. We call it a day and head home. Still better than a day at work!!:letsdrink:letsdrink:letsdrink

Finale tally

1 Almost boated 50" (Exaggeration) king (nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught)

1 Huge Black tip

1 Hobie Cat about 14'

Some days you fish some days you go for the adventure!! To day was for the adventure! Happy 16th anniversary Janean and Carl good luck with the Hobie Cat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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