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Got to fish with my ol buddy Craig again Wednesday. He invited me to fish with Robbie, Mike, and Doug on Robbies 30' Pursuit. Anyone ever needing a fisherman onboard, give Craig a call. A+ asset to have on any fishing trip. Always has a positive attitude, right there to lend a hand, and smiles and laughes the entire trip. Oh, and it helps that hes a great fisherman. Love having people like that on board. Thanks Craig for all the help buddy.

Well, lets get started with the good stuff. We all met in Perdido Key about 6 am and loaded the boat and headed out. Seas were a little bumpy but not to bad. Just had to plug away at it a little slow and wet but everyone toughed it out. Decided to get our groupers and jacks and head home. Well the guys did a great job at getting their limit and added a few almacos, kings, and 4 blackfins to the party. The blackfins were biting pretty good but the sharks just would not leave us alone. So after giving 3 to the sharks, we moved on in search of greener pastures. All and all, a great day on the pond with new friends. Thanks guys for letting me ride along. See you next trip. Got a few pictures. Enjoy. Miss spelled Perdido in title but i'm not smart enough to change it, go figure!!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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