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launched somewhere between 6:30-7 this morning jus across 3mb on the gulf breeze spot. fished a bayou over there dont know the name of it. found some specks and accidently pulled my lure away from the only one that was gonna eat :banghead lots of trout blowin up but super spooky. my jig head hit my yak and i didnt see another trout for 15 mins.

meet a friend back by the launch round 9. we went out to the first small hump of 3mb. nothing so we went a little further and anchored up and didnt get a hit, so we went to the middle cause there were a lot of boats down there. we switched sides and anchored up. few white trout being caught by the boats. if u werent on top of em you didnt catch them and the spot they were in was pretty much blocked out by boats so we werent able to get in the action. i lost a few.then my friend hooks into wat i think was a bull red. i unclipped him and he started gettin pulled then it took him in the rocks. a minute or so later i was on one to. had my mitchell 300 locked down and it started goin for the rocks. i pulled the anchor to try and keep it out but still broke me off in em. reset the anchor and someone cast over me and tangle me up. i told the guy to stop pullin so i could fix it but he wouldnt so i got a new rig. i pulled the anchor then and went to move it and it wouldnt come up. stuck in the rocks.

i tried everything to get it up. i paddled as fast as i could in every direction tryin to get it up but nothing would give. so finally i pulled all the slack outta of it and in the water i went. first dive down i got to bout 10ft started to equilize my ears and nothing they wouldnt pop. so i surfaced quickly and popped em before and dove back down made it to bout 15ft then i started feelin pressure and couldnt get em to pop again. came up and went down one more time nothing. i tried holding on to the rope and swimmin up but that did nothing. so we pulled as much as we could up and cut it. i tried to dive down and cut it but it was like 3/4in rope and my dull knife wouldnt do anything to it in the amount of time i had from a breath.

so yah we got skunked but the 30 secs my friend had the red on got him hooked so we got a new yak fisherman among us.
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the 3mb is littered with debris from many years of storms. there is also a pipeline that lays just off the east side of the driving bridge . a great place to lose an anchor. CHAPS, your idea is a great one. how bout a pic to show the guys what you explained . As far as Seth and I yesterday, Seth landed a bull red. I landed a descent size spade fish at just over 15'' and and 18'' sheepie. caught on live shrimp, carolina rig with 1/2 once egg weight. tossing up current with a slow retrieval. got robbed a bunch and decided to start setting the hook with the slightest nibble, those spade fish are quick. i did lose a monster sheepie yak side though, probably bout ten#. next calm day, i'm going out and loading up on the theives.
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