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1-22 & 1-23-2010

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Yesterday (Friday 1/22) PBTH (Taylor) and I got out in time for the topwater speck bite around 6-7ish. We each managed to get 2 fish each but kept pulling hooks on other right next to the yaks. I lost 4 before I managed to get mine in. The ones I got in were each 17inchers, but 2 of the fish that spit off looked to be 20-22ish inchers.

I went back out solo this morning and got a 16incher into the yak but lost a 19-20incher. They weren't smacking the lures nearly as hard today with the drop in temp.

Oh well, at least is was fun watching the blow-ups and thrashing around on top. I just had to duck a couple times when my topwater or subsurface came flying back at my face.

This speck ate a subsurface crankbait on 1-22-2010

This one is from 1-23-2010

I'll get more pics up from 1/22 when Taylor emails them to me. Either that or he'll post them here.



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chaps (1/23/2010)Good job. I went back to blackwater yesterday and couldn't find a bite. The water was high and current was fast. Where did you go?

Chaps, are you the guy I met at the I-10 bridge on Blackwater the other day that was in the Blue Malibu Stealth? If so, I was in one of those bayous I was telling you about. My apologies but with Kayak Wars coming up, there are certain spots I'm not going to be as forthcoming about on the forum as usual.

This areas in particular seems to be holding some big trout that I keep having spit the hook when they are right next to the yak. I'm trying to get a handle on them so I'll be able to CPR (catch, photo, release) to score points in KW.


I think most of the fish decided to keep their heads down with sudden drop in temp yesterday. Hopefully they'll fire up again this week since it's supposed to be warm again at least Monday + Tuesday.

By the way, check your PMs.

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