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1-22 & 1-23-2010

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Yesterday (Friday 1/22) PBTH (Taylor) and I got out in time for the topwater speck bite around 6-7ish. We each managed to get 2 fish each but kept pulling hooks on other right next to the yaks. I lost 4 before I managed to get mine in. The ones I got in were each 17inchers, but 2 of the fish that spit off looked to be 20-22ish inchers.

I went back out solo this morning and got a 16incher into the yak but lost a 19-20incher. They weren't smacking the lures nearly as hard today with the drop in temp.

Oh well, at least is was fun watching the blow-ups and thrashing around on top. I just had to duck a couple times when my topwater or subsurface came flying back at my face.

This speck ate a subsurface crankbait on 1-22-2010

This one is from 1-23-2010

I'll get more pics up from 1/22 when Taylor emails them to me. Either that or he'll post them here.



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Good pics and report. Glad you got some fish, think those fish over there are masters of getting off the hook. lol
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