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1/17/2015 and 1/28/2015 Panama City

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Our first trip started out great. Headed out to Alaska in search of monster AJ-s. Found new spot on the half way there and picked up nice red grouper and lost several good ones. When we got there bottom machine lit up, in goes first bait and up comes short amberjack, I put motor in reverse to stay on spot and nothing happens, giving more throttle, engine revs up, but no movement. Shutting off the motor and lifting it up ---- no prop. Did not have extra one either. Turned off all the electronics, live well and dropped the anchor. Once anchor held got on the radio. First 10 min was trying just Seatow, then realized we are out of range. There we are almost 50 miles offshore. Then we tried coast guard, but I did not receive them, but seemed like they got me. Finally there was charter boat Ms Kelly who relayed between seatow and coast guard and after about 20 min we got confirmation, that seatow is on their way. Big thanks to the capt. on Ms Kelly. It was 8.30 PM when we got back to the ramp. Seatow did great job and it was first time in 11 years when I had to use it. I have no idea what happened to prop. This was second trip after boat was in shop for maintenance.

Second trip with new prop was excellent, about 20 miles out caught 3 aj-s in 30 min, biggest one being almost 40# . On the way back found new spot where got 3 person limit on mingos. Back at the dock 1.30pm. Now I have extra prop, hub and wrench in boat, steering fluid with filling hose, 2 stroke oil and many more things. Be safe out there.

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